《蛇蝎女佣 第一季》第12集 经典台词大全


Previously on "Devious Maids"...
Are you saying that my client is the father?
No. He knows who is, and they are very close.
Do you know who they're talking about?
I can't help you.
Marisol, Michael Stappord
is going to get a phone call very soon.
Do me a favor and listen to it, okay?
What are you doing?
I caught marisol eavesdropping.
Keep an eye on her.
See what she's up to.
You didn't call an ambulance?
That woman is evil, and I want to see her punished.
She will be.
Mr. Spence? I want you to leave your wife.
I have this maid.
And I want to do something nice for her.
I'm gonna fly to Mexico and go get her little boy.
Genevieve and I have been spending
a lot of time together lately, and, uh,
I asked her to marry me.
I will not bless that man.
Why don't you just shut up?!
Since when are you such a fan of Scott's?
Well, I've gotten to know him these last few days,
and we've become close.
Then maybe you can do me a favor.
He doesn't want to date you anymore.
So Alejandro Rubio is into guys?
How soon before the story hits the press?
Why do we come here? These prices are ridiculous.
I'll need to borrow money.
It's not my fault I'm broke.
But it's your fault I'm broke.
Oh, Rosie, loosen up the purse strings, for God sake.
So, Carmen, how's your love life?
- Don't ask. - What about Sam?
I thought you loved him.
I do.
So why aren't you seeing him?
We had a fight.
And he went away.
Why not call him?
He should call me.
He knows I'm busy with my career.
And why are we talking about my love life?
There is a guy sitting over there
who is staring at you.
He's not really my type.
Come here.
What are you doing?
If I flirt with him, maybe he'll pay for lunch.
- But if you're not into him... - shh!
- Let her work her magic. - Okay.
- Hey. - Hi.
I'm Zach Fowler.
These are my friends... Marisol and Rosie.
- And I am... - Carmen Luna.
- I know. - How do you know that?
Oh, I'm a reporter.
I work for "celebrity dirt."
That trashy Internet site?
Don't hate me 'cause I'm slimy.
So why would you recognize me?
I'm not a celebrity... yet.
You're Alejandro Rubio's maid.
I've taken pictures of you coming out of his house.
Hey, for all you know, I'm his girlfriend.
Come on.
We both know he doesn't swing that way.
Oh. Well, am I right? Is Alejandro Rubio gay?
You know what? I'm not really hungry anymore.
Me neither.
Come on, Carmen.
Oh. We've been told that he broke up with his boyfriend.
Just say, "no comment."
No comment.
- We just need confirmation. - No comment...
Naturally, we'd pay you.
As much as $10,000.
What are you doing?
And all you'd have to do is tell us the truth.
Carmen, let's go.
Devious Maids 1x12 - Getting Out The Blood -
What's wrong?
- You scared me. - I'm sorry.
I thought I was being molested.
Well, normally I wouldn't presume,
but you were having an erotic dream.
How do you know that?
Now that you're up... So to speak,
would you like to...
No, I'm not in the mood.
That's not what your body says.
I was dreaming of our stock portfolio.
IBM hit a 52-week high.
I almost climaxed.
Please, don't make jokes. Not about this.
I'm sorry.
Who were you really dreaming of?
Who do you think?
I'm so glad she's dead.
She was offered how much?!
The reporter will give Carmen $10,000 to out Alejandro.
I hope she told him to slither back to his swamp.
Carmen's broke.
I think she may be considering it.
Well, it's not right.
And the people we work for deserve our discretion.
Really? You'd turn down $10,000 for a few family secrets?
I would. And the stuff that I have on the Delatours
is worth twice that.
They have skeletons in their basement?
How do you bury skeletons in a closet?
So the Delatours have secrets?
Last week, we had this ugly family get-together.
What happened?
Remi punched his father in the face.
- No! - Oh, yeah.
Phillipe was being a jerk, and Remi lost it.
I've never seen him so angry.
And then this weird thing happened.
Remi whispered something to his dad,
and Phillipe went white as a sheet.
When did this happen?
Last Friday. Why?
- No reason. Just... - Zoila!
I found a gray hair!
It's in my wig. I'm confused.
I need to go.
- Bye. - We'll see you later.
- This is Phillipe, right? - Mm-hmm. Yes it is.
I hate to admit it, but he is handsome.
As the devil.
I worry about you.
You're so lonely.
I am?
It's sad.
You never go out. You never date.
I think it's time for you to kick that closet door open
and let the world know you're a happy gay boy.
Are you crazy?
Think about it. You can finally be yourself.
- Meet guys. Have a life. - And risk my career?
No, thanks.
What if people find out the truth somehow?
Um, you can handle that, right?
- You see, I bet you could. - I couldn't.
- You're so strong. - Not really.
- I'll bet ya. - Carmen!
If people found out I was gay, I would be devastated.
Only at first.
But then you'll live your life like an openly gay man.
And you can go to bars and clubs.
And before you know it, you'll be the belle of the balls... ball.
Why are you asking me this?
No reason. Hmm.
Have you heard something? Are people talking about me?
Why are you getting upset?
We were having such a fun talk about you being lonely.
Well, maybe I am a bit isolated.
But that's the price I pay for success.
But you don't have to choose between work and a relationship.
Sometimes you do. I put my career first.
Come on. You of all people should understand.
That's why I know you're gonna make it.
You're just like me.
You need success more than you need love.
You're back!
I didn't expect you until noon.
My flight got in early. Where's Peri?
- She's still at work. - And the baby?
- He's asleep. - So...
We're alone?
I guess so.
- God, I've missed kissing you. - Oh, me, too.
Mm. Were you surprised to get my call?
- Yeah. What changed your mind? - It doesn't matter.
The good news is that we can be together now,
and I don't have to feel guilty about loving you.
Rosie Falta, will you do me the honor...
No! No! No! I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking that this is too fast.
That's not what I'm thinking.
But I can be divorced from Peri within the month.
- So... ow! - I said no!
- Damn it! - What's with the violence?
- You can't propose now. - Why not?
I'm sweating like a pig.
I got baby spit on my top...
And I'm pretty sure I smell like bug spray.
Oh, is that what that is?
I want to remember this moment
for the rest of my life.
I want to look nice for it. I... I want it to be romantic.
I'm asking you to spend all of eternity with me.
The fact that I'm willing to do that...
When, quite frankly, you've never looked worse...
Seems very romantic to me.
I have to put it on a chain so Mrs. Peri doesn't see.
Wear it any place you like.
I'll still be the happiest man on earth.
These... these bugs you've killed...
They really put up a fight, huh?
Just go.
- We need to talk. - Obviously.
I was waiting to make sure we had the house to ourselves.
You gonna hit me again?
Good. 'Cause next time I'll hit back.
You should ditch the smile.
I'm about to call the police.
And you'll tell them what?
You killed Flora Hernandez.
What a stupid thing to say.
There's a tape, dad. I saw it.
A tape of what?
Flora telling your lawyer that you raped her.
He offers her money. She wants more.
Now that's a negotiation. Not murder.
She then told your lawyer she was pregnant with my child.
She was killed two days later.
You did it. I know you did.
Do you really want to think
that your own father is capable of murder?
I don't want to.
That young woman was an extortionist.
I'm sure there were... Many people who wanted her dead.
So what?
It was a coincidence she died? We just lucked out?
I'd hate to say it that way, but yes.
You swear to me you didn't kill her?
You know I didn't.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
I can only imagine what you've been going through.
So... so what about the tape then?
Flora said you raped her.
Were you aware that Flora was a prostitute?
Not while I was dating her. No, obviously.
She was a... gift from Adrian Powell.
And when I introduced myself, she realized I was your father.
- She refused to sleep with me. - So what happened?
Well, she was a whore.
Whores can't say no.
I need to do something good.
Something meaningful with my life.
But I'll never be able to do that here.
I've got to get away from my family, you know?
Did something happen?
And I wish I could tell you about it. I really do. But...
I can't.
It's messed up.
So what are you trying to tell me?
- Are you going away? - Yeah.
And there's something I need to ask you.
"Hope and medicine"?
It's a group of doctors who go to third world countries
and set up clinics and hospitals.
But Remi's not a doctor.
They need assistants, and he's got a year of pre-med.
And when would he leave?
If they approve his application,
he'll leave for Africa on Friday.
I must say, I am impressed.
I didn't know Remi was such a humanitarian.
He wants me to go with him.
Ha! No.
He could be gone for a year.
- I don't care. - He said he loves me.
Well, he can love you when he gets back.
He's trying to do something important with his life,
and I want to help him.
And what about the important things
you're trying to do with your life?
They don't seem that important without him.
I absolutely forbid it.
I'm not asking for permission.
I'm telling you what my decision is.
So help me, Valentina!
Yell all you want. My bags are already packed.
Can I pay you a compliment?
Why stop with just one?
You are absolutely glowing.
That's why I like being in love.
It's so good for my skin.
I am thrilled that you and Phillipe
are getting back together.
Is he your favorite of all my husbands?
Well, he's definitely in the top three.
Because I need a favor.
Is there any way we could have our engagement party here?
I know it's a lot to ask,
but Zoila doesn't approve of this marriage.
There's also been some tension between Phillipe and Remi.
Having the party here
would make life less stressful for everyone.
- Almost everyone. - No.
You would not have to do a thing,
and Phillipe will foot the bill.
Well, it is a special occasion.
Thank you.
Ah! Thank you! Thank you!
So what's it like the second time around?
What do you mean?
You know, is the passion still there?
Is... is it just comfortable?
Are you kidding?
Phillipe can't keep his hands off me.
Really? At his age?
He's like some insatiable tiger.
Ripping my clothes off. Taking me on the floor.
I don't see why feminists complain so much.
Being a sex object is fun.
Well, he clearly adores you.
He does.
It just goes to show,
when it comes to love, it's never too late.
Is Spence back?
- He just stepped into the shower. - Good.
That would give us a chance to talk.
I'm making dinner.
I know you're still mad at me.
But I have a gift for you.
And it is so amazing. You'll want to hug me.
What is it?
That does not get you a hug.
It's not really for you. It's for Miguel.
Thank you.
I'll mail it to him for his birthday.
Or you can give it to him when he gets here.
The studio has agreed
to let me use their private jet.
I'm going to fly to Guadalajara tomorrow.
If your mother will bring Miguel to the airport,
I can bring him back here to America.
- Why would you do this? - 'Cause I am a good person.
And good people do stuff like this.
See, I knew there'd be a hug.
How can I ever thank you?
You can start by ironing my pink top.
I want to wear it on the plane.
Mrs. Peri?
I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.
I'm so glad.
See you then.
Hello, awkward.
What's wrong?
Genevieve just told me
the Powells are hosting her engagement party.
And we haven't seen them
since the night that Michael punched Adrian.
Do you have to go?
Oh, yeah.
But Genevieve is inviting half of Beverly Hills.
So hopefully we will get lost in the crowd.
Why is Phillipe so important to Michael?
Oh, Phillipe...
He just pays him tons and tons of money.
What does Michael do for Phillipe?
I don't know. Legal stuff.
No reason.
Are you sure? You seem very...
Honestly, I just saw a picture of him today...
Phillipe. So I've just... he's been on my mind.
Michael? It's me. Uh... I don't know if this is
something that you would care about,
but Marisol just asked me a whole bunch of questions
about Phillipe.
Hey, you. Hey.
Hey. What's wrong?
Nothing. Uh...
I'm just... uh, it was a long plane ride.
Oh. Okay.
Maybe we can go for a walk later.
Take the baby in a stroller?
That's very Norman Rockwell of you.
It's such a beautiful night.
Why are you in such a good mood?
I'm about to do something wonderful for Rosie.
And I'm feeling... I don't know...
Proud of myself.
Well, what exactly are you about to do?
Hey. I just heard the good news.
You must be so excited to see Miguel again.
Part of me can't believe that Peri's doing this.
It's like her first official act of kindness.
You must be feeling... Guilty right now.
But this doesn't have to change anything between us.
We can still get married.
I am begging you.
Don't let this one act of kindness
keep us from being happy.
Peri will forgive us in time.
Tell me we're still good.
What is our net worth?
Well, if you count the jet
and the stocks and the art and the summer home,
uh, about $100 million, I should think. Why?
I need to know what I can expect
in the way of a settlement.
- What? - I'm divorcing you.
So I'm entitled to $50 million,
but I don't want to seem bitter.
Maybe I will settle for 40 as a gesture of goodwill.
I don't understand.
It has recently occurred to me
that I don't have to be unhappy.
There is someone out there who will cherish me
and make love to me with wild passionate abandon.
And I'm going to find this wonderful stranger
before my breasts get any lower.
But what about me?
I suppose you'll be alone.
I know it will be painful.
And I'm sorry, but I need to be loved.
I love you.
I just don't want to touch you.
Hmm, my darling.
That sentence just cost you $50 million.
Are you wearing Armani?
I am.
You look good.
No. You look good.
I look sexy as hell.
What have you been up to?
Nothing much.
Just... rocking the entertainment industry.
That's all.
And how are you doing that?
Since we last spoke, I have been accepted into
the starwonder agent training program.
You're gonna be an agent?
You sound surprised.
Well, you're not smarmy or ruthless.
That's why there's a training program.
I finish Friday. And after that,
I will be a full-fledged agent...
In the music division.
The music division?
Oh, yeah, and you'll be the first client I sign.
Go ahead.
Kiss me. I-I know you want to.
Why didn't you tell me?
If it didn't pan out,
I didn't want to get your hopes up. But now...
Sam, I don't know what to say.
I love you, Carmen.
So I'm gonna make it happen for you.
I'm gonna make you a star.
That's great.
But I don't really care about that anymore.
My priorities have changed.
How can you switch... Priorities?
I mean, from the day I met you,
all you talked about was being a famous singer.
That's true, and I appreciate your support. I do...
I-I-I don't want to be a music agent.
I hate agents. And...
And I'm not that crazy about music. I mean...
Listen to me.
It's not that I don't want to have a career. It's just...
I want something else more.
Please don't tell me you want to be an actress
- 'cause I will be so depressed. - No.
I just want you.
Come here.
Fame and success would be nice.
But you are what I need to be happy.
I am so sorry that it took me this long
to figure that out.
Would you like to live together?
Her name is Marisol.
She came to work for us 12 weeks ago.
And you say she's been asking questions?
Lots of them. And yesterday she started asking about you.
Is she a reporter?
It's possible. I think we should talk to her.
Offer her a large cash settlement to go away.
- Would she go away? - I don't know.
I have a few private detectives on retainer.
Talk to them.
Before I sign any checks, I want to know
exactly who this woman is and what she wants.
I'll take care of it.
And leave the photo.
I find it helpful to know what my enemies look like.
Smuggling people across the border is illegal.
It's not like I'm stuffing a drug cartel into my trunk.
I'm bringing one kid by private plane.
But there'll be customs agents there when you land.
What are they gonna think when they see you with Miguel?
Beautiful white actress, small brown child.
I'm guessing they'll think adoption.
You're risking your career here.
I hope you know that.
So what are you suggesting?
Let me do some research.
I'll bet there's a legal way to get Miguel in the country.
But that could take months.
And I start shooting a movie in two weeks.
Well, then I'll handle everything.
I'll talk to some top lawyers
and some immigration specialists and...
Once everything's sorted, I'll drive down to Guadalajara
and pick up Miguel.
And then you get all the glory?
This is not about who gets credit.
Rosie will love me for doing this,
and I need her to be on my side.
But she knows that we can't break the law.
Look, I'll talk to her, and once I get Miguel back...
No! No! No! This is my idea.
I get to rescue the little Mexican boy,
not you.
- Mr. Delatour? - How are you doing, Al?
Keeping your nose clean?
Trying to.
But it's hard.
Got a lot of bills to pay.
Well, maybe I can help you with that.
- I need a favor. - I figured.
I'm willing to pay a lot of money.
Sounds good so far.
This woman...
To be frank, she's trying to hurt me.
And I won't allow that.
Will I need a gun?
I'm afraid so.
What do we have here?
We didn't think you'd be up this early.
Yeah, I got that.
Are the two of you back together?
You think I let men in boxer shorts
just wander through the house?
I wouldn't mind if you did.
He's gay now. Just go with it.
Well, this is good, Sam.
Now that the two of you are dating...
I'll get to see more of you.
Actually, uh...
We're not just dating.
Yeah, Sam asked me if I wanted to live with him
- and I said yes. - Is that okay?
Of course.
Are you sure? Because I know you want a live-in.
No. Odessa's gonna be back here soon.
And it makes me happy to know the two of you are a couple.
Oh. Thank you so much.
We should celebrate.
Go to the wine cellar and get some champagne.
Congratulations, Sam.
She's a wonderful girl.
Yeah, don't I know it, man.
Come on.
No, no, no. No! No! No!
Separate! Separate!
Just so you know...
We're gonna sue your ass!
Everybody does.
- We're in trouble. - Are we?
Marisol's real name is Suarez.
She's the mother of the kid the police arrested.
Oh, my God.
So there's no way that we can buy her off.
Well, obviously not.
I think we need to go to the D.A.
What? We can tell them that Flora's death was an accident.
Self-defense. I can negotiate a deal.
We don't know what Marisol knows.
But if she's got enough
to make the police look in your direction, you're screwed.
You need to get out in front of this thing.
Go home. Relax.
We have to do something.
I've already taken care of it.
M-meaning what?
You don't want to know.
You're not planning something stupid, are you?
Phillipe, if something happens to this woman,
people will talk.
Doesn't everyone still think she's a maid?
So what?
So in my experience, people just aren't that interested
in what happens to the help.
I heard that group of doctors accepted your application.
They did. I leave Friday.
Did you... Talk to Valentina?
I did.
And now I'm gonna talk to you.
Sit down.
Valentina has wanted to be a designer
since she was a child.
She used to make dresses for her dolls.
I could see the talent even then.
So I bought her sewing machines
and patterns and fabric.
I did all I could to encourage her.
Her dream became my dream.
You're about to tell me you don't want her
to go to Africa with me. Oh, Remi.
I have seen so many women throw their ambition away
because they're scared of losing a man.
To be honest, I'm the one who's scared of losing her.
I know.
But if you love her,
you must let her go to school.
Let her be everything she can be.
So what do you want me to do?
I've written a note.
You're gonna copy it...
In your handwriting and leave it for Valentina.
It explains why you want her to stay...
And why you needed to leave without saying good-bye.
If I do this, she'll never forgive me.
A year from now she'll know the truth.
And I'll be the one she won't forgive.
They should be here any second.
I know.
Can I say something?
I wish you wouldn't.
I'm gonna divorce Peri.
If that's what you want.
It is.
And I was thinking...
Maybe in a few months
after I've been on my own for a while...
Mrs. Peri is bringing my son here.
He's my life.
I can't repay her kindness with betrayal,
not even for someone I love.
Hey, Rosie.
Guess who's here?
- Mami! - Oh.
Thank you, Mrs. Peri.
For the rest of my life, thank you.
It was truly my pleasure.
Isn't he just precious?
Yes, he is.
And to think you wanted me to wait.
- What? - Oh, yeah.
- He didn't want me to get Miguel. - That's not what I said.
You're such a liar.
He wanted me to wait for a few months
while he talked to lawyers
and waded through a bunch of red tape.
But I said, "No. Rosie needs her little boy now."
I was just worried.
- This is so illegal. - Oh, who cares?!
It's so worth it.
Rosie, do you want to show Miguel the house?
We have a pool. Do you know what a pool is?
Rosie, I...
I really am glad he's here.
Hey, Michael. How was work?
- You have to go. - What?
You need to pack your things and leave now!
Because you're not safe here!
I know who you are and why you came here,
and I'm not the only one who knows.
Who else?
I can't tell you.
- Is it Phillipe Delatour? - Just...
Get your things and I'll call you a taxi.
Poor Alejandro.
Poor Alejandro? What about me?
This picture could destroy his career.
- Nobody cares if you're gay. - My mother cares!
Then tell her I'm moving in.
Now she'll think you're a drag queen.
I don't want to keep talking about that picture.
So... How is Alejandro doing?
How do you think? He's devastated. Well...
I mean, it's just the Internet.
Maybe people will stop talking about it.
Not anytime soon.
How are we gonna contain this?
He needs a beard.
Showing up on the red carpet with a busty blonde
isn't gonna make people forget this photo.
I'm not talking about a girlfriend.
We need to get him married.
She'd need to be discreet... And hot.
Is there anyone you can trust to help you out?
I know just the girl.
What is this?
I thought you were out.
Being pregnant makes me tired. I was taking a nap.
Why is Marisol packing her bags?
Take your things to the taxi. I'll tell her what's going on.
I'll say good-bye when I come back for my purse.
Michael, what is going on?
If she is in danger, why are we sending her away?
People know that she's here.
And these are people you work with?
I can't talk about that.
Well, whoever this woman is, she is our friend,
and we have to protect her.
That's what I'm trying to do!
I'm ready to go.
Marisol, oh, my God.
Did Michael tell you everything?
He did.
I am...
So sorry that I had to lie to you.
Did you lie about being my friend?
Please don't go.
Believe me.
I don't want to.
Then you'll stay.
- Taylor! - Just call the police.
I can't. They'll ask questions I can't answer.
Then call a security company.
They'll send over bodyguards. Michael...
Even if I leave,
I'm still going to find out who killed Flora Hernandez.
It's settled.
You're staying. I'll grab your bags.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
Taylor, talk to me. Taylor!
Call 9-1-1.
Taylor, talk to me. Taylor.
Hang in there, baby. They're coming.
Hurry up! Please!
Hang in there, baby. Stay with me.
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